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In 2020 race, Facebook winning the money game — again

“The reason Facebook is such a powerful platform is that people volunteer all this information about themselves.” Read more.

How Campaigns Can Best Leverage Data Analytics

Learn more from our Director of Analytics and Audience Insights Ashley O’Rourke in her recent interview with Campaigns & Elections on how campaigns can best leverage data and analytics today.


“Given the frequent and dramatic changes with Facebook’s political advertising, we are recommending clients do not put all their eggs in one basket,” said Reid Vineis, a VP of Digital at the GOP firm Majority Strategies.

Ashley O’Rourke, director of analytics and audience insights at Majority Strategies, said that quality data is the key to reaching voters without Facebook. “If a candidate has access to rich data sets, you can still talk to your target audiences, off of Facebook, through mobile apps, SMS and other display platforms,” she said.


Catching an employer’s attention during a busy hiring period is hard. It requires attention to detail and keeping your resume content simple, yet visually appealing. A resume or online profile should convey the personality and background of an individual without deterring a hiring manager or employer from reaching out regarding a job opportunity.

2020 Democrats spend over $100 in Facebook ads to get each $1 donation, driving ad prices through the roof

And the DNC rules also mean that while prices on Facebook are rising for Democrats – according to Reid Vineis, Republicans have gained “a competitive advantage – because the GOP doesn’t have a competitive presidential primary to drive up prices.”

Facebook Ad Prices Surge Due to Barrage by Democratic Hopefuls

The Facebook price surge for Democrats has given Republicans an advantage, because the GOP doesn’t have a competitive presidential primary to drive up prices, said Reid Vineis, vice president of conservative digital ad-buying firm Majority Strategies. “We’re not seeing it on our side,” he said.


One of the largest full-service GOP shops has unveiled a new fundraising play, adding to the cascade of offerings in the space.

3 Ways to Harness the Growth of Digital

This cycle’s digital spend is projected to exceed the 2018 midterm record by nearly $1 billion. But what are the factors that are driving this growth and how should campaigns and candidates prepare for what’s next?

Voters Will See Fewer Political Ads This Year – Thanks To OTT Targeting

“Some candidates can afford to do large campaigns that reach broad swaths of voters,” said Ashley O’Rourke, director of analytics and audience insights at the conservative advertising firm Majority Strategies. “But most campaigns have very finite resources.”

Trump campaign says impeachment vote was a fundraising boon

“They are running a highly sophisticated operation,” Reid Vineis, vice president for digital at Republican ad-buying firm Majority Strategies, said of the Trump operation. “The Trump campaign has been essentially building a database for the 2020 general election.”