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#MeetMajority Marc Klein

In this #MeetMajority, we get to know Marc Klein, Majority Strategies Vice President, Data & Digital Advocacy Solutions.

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The Value of Voter Registration

Have you seen the recent changes in voter registration in districts across the nation? We looked, and the bottom line is, things are changing.

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How Campaigns Can Best Leverage Data & Analytics

Learn more from our Director of Analytics and Audience Insights Ashley O’Rourke in her recent interview with Campaigns & Elections on how campaigns can best leverage data and analytics today.

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Polling or Modeling, Which Do You Need?

Polling and modeling are both important tools in the world of data-driven campaigns. While polling and modeling seem similar in nature, there are some key differences, both in methodology and in conclusions, that can help determine which tool is best suited to specific situations. 

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Case Study: Are Your Advertising Efforts Generating Sales?

Read our most recent case study to learn more about how a data-driven approach combined with geofencing and Verified Walk-in attribution helped provide one of the largest builders in the nation with a “distinct competitive advantage.”

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Tag(lines), You’re It

In just a few words, your tagline will define the course of your campaign.

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Catching Up

Introducing new members of the Majority Strategies team.

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What’s Next in Digital

$1.8 billion was spent in 2018 on political digital advertising. That’s about twice was spent in 2016 and vastly more than the $22 million spent in 2008. Expect political digital advertising to increase again in 2020. What are the key drivers of this growth?

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elections fund-raising Majority Money

Introducing Majority Money

Majority Money partners with industry leaders, including Majority Strategies, to provide a full-service fund-raising solution that marries data with the compelling background and message of the candidate to win over an existing donor base, find and convert new donors.

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#AskaDesigner advocacy brand elections fonts typography

The Over & Under on Fonts

In this #AskaDesigner, the Majority Strategies team of graphic designers weigh in on which fonts they believe make the list as either overused and overrated or underused and underrated.

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A Website in the Making

This week in history saw the anniversary of the first website going live back on August 6, 1991. In honor of this milestone, we asked the Majority Strategies creative team to give us a behind the scenes look at a website in the making.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Mail Meets the Trash

We know people trust mail. We know people like receiving mail. So why would your mail ever hit the trash? Here are the Top 3 reasons why.

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